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Oslo London Click on a link below to be redirected to a cool Webcam. African Safari — Hypnotizing — over there, I see something! San Francisco Bay and skyline — I left my heart with these great images, submitted by Vance Kozik, who also submitted these: Ossipee Lake — New Hampshire Niagara Falls — From the Ontario side Balboa Bay Ferry — Keep hitting refresh South Pole — U. Antarctic Program's camera at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station Mt.

This page will update regularly so check back for the latest links: Trainspotting in the Netherlands — How cool is this?! — live images of wildlife, submitted by Candice Smith Giant Ocean Tank — New England Aquarium in Boston, submitted by "Sue in Michigan (a FOX News addict)" who also sent us... Everest — 360-degree image (not live) taken from atop world's highest peak Old Faithful — Latest images from Yellowstone Mauna Kea — Images from summit Mt.

Brent Moore Lake Michigan — Live image from Holland, Michigan, submitted by Kimberlee Van Heulen, who was nice enought to also sent us these: Yavapai Point, Grand Canyon National Park Taos Mountain, New Mexico Salmon, Idaho — WOW!

Swiss Alps — Incredible live and archived images Mt.

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Charles — Fine looking Barbados resort, submitted by Michael Wyatt, who also sent in this link to a bunch of Key West, Fla., cams, just make sure you have Active X: Florida Keys — be sure to click on the bar cams and watch people acting like their having a good time (and you get to listen to the band without having to pay the cover) San Juan Islands — Washington State, submitted by staff. Rushmore — A couple of links here, one that says it refreshes often but I'm looking at it at p.m. submitted by Shane Penfield; the other is a state department of tourism camera that works... submitted by Rob Latzko Sawtooth Mountain, Idaho — Finally, someplace that looks like it really is having winter...Not all submitted links will be posted, and links that are slow to load will not be included.Please check the link before submitting to be sure it still loads properly.) Philadelphia Hamburg Sydney Salzburg The "Saentis" in Switzerland Vienna — I love this cam...good controls Zurich — An even BETTER cam, with even BETTER controls.

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