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On second glance, it looks like a scene from a children’s book: there’s a little anthropomorphic tiger cub sliding colored beads along a frame of wires; a panda bear examining a toy car; a cartoon version of a chimpanzee rolling a foam rubber ball.The onscreen annotations identify them as digients, digital organisms that live in environments like Data Earth, but they don’t look like any that Ana’s seen before.The beachhead is crowded, but her avatar is wearing the coveted mother-of-pearl combat armor, and it’s not long before some players ask her if she wants to join their fireteam.

Ana’s half expecting to see a fantastical landscape when the window refreshes, but instead her avatar shows up in what looks at first glance to be a daycare center.She logs on to Data Earth, and the window zooms in to her last location, a dance club cut into a giant cliff face.Data Earth has its own gaming continents—Elderthorn, Orbis Tertius—but they aren’t to Ana’s taste, so she spends her time here on the social continents.His professional experience includes asset deployment and management, light SQL data management, PC and console game engine development, social game deployment and client/server system integration.In 2013, he co-founded and served as CTO and software architect for LVL Analytics, an innovation analysis and patent development service company.

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