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It helps them grow if someone squeezes them, so do you want me to squeeze them for you, honey? You have to promise not to tell anyone that you are my special girl. "To be my special girl means we get to do things to make each other feel good, like what I am doing right now.

""OK, grandpa," the little girl said, enjoying the attention. It feels good when grandpa rubs you down there, doesn't it? " He could feel her moving her hips, pressing back against his hand. Don't let anyone else touch you here unless I say so!

" Janet beamed proudly, fascinated that she could make her grandpa so happy just by squeezing his pee pee.

He stood up and pushed his jeans down around his ankles.

The old man held her in his arms and twirled his tongue around hers. Say, do you think grandpa could see your little titties again? " He laughed and said, "I'm glad you like it because grandpa is going to start fucking you every night.Grandpa took both of her tiny breasts in his large hands and began squeezing them. We'll make these titties grow," he said, as he kneaded them, pinching her nipples from time to time. I'll bet it made you tingle right down here, didn't it," he said as he moved one hand down between her legs, slowly rubbing her crotch. "Why don't you take off those jeans so grandpa can see your pretty pussy he is petting? Sitting there admiring her, the old man told her to take off her panties as well, which she did. "She returned to her warm spot on his lap, never noticing the huge bulge in his pants. " The little girl blushed, but was very stimulated, even though she didn't understand why it felt so good. You are MY special girl, so right now I am the only one who can put my finger inside you.Janet was surprised at how good it felt to have grandpa touch her like that. Again, she giggled and asked how he knew that would feel good. He thought he was going to shoot his load when he first saw her little bald pussy. Grandpa worked his middle finger up inside her tight cunt. ""OK, grandpa," she said, as he spread her legs apart more. After inserting another finger, he began moving them in and out of her little cunt while squeezing her nipple. Login Sign in with Facebook Join Flirthut for free! I am over The users who logged on to the web site next are then shown, followed by those who logged in some time ago. We don't believe you should spend hours filling out forms to find your dating match online. Quick Statistics We have registered members from India Indian singles site: Single parent dating online If you're a single parent, having to juggle time with your children and making time to meet someone for a relationship can be difficult. Lucy Hong Kong, China Divorced, Search Cyber Dating using Google!

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