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They have better phones so you can better enjoy your free phone, text and data plan!But if I can't get this phone switched, I am LEAVING ASSURANCE WIRELESS FOR GOOD!That's why divorces can take years to get over.' Indeed, Linda Clements confesses that she spent seven years trying to make her single life work before she was able to tell ex-husband Billy her feelings.'And I was incredibly fortunate that he hadn't been able to get over me too,' she says.'Perhaps it was the anti-climax of all the celebrations, but I began to think: Is this it?'The girls were leaving home and suddenly I felt life was mundane.

Yes, the phone I have SUCKS, but it is a phone and it works.The program was originally intended to be a LIFELINE.It doesn't mean that you should get some kind of fancy phone, it means you have a phone.'I started to feel that I had rushed into divorce, and I'd made the wrong decision.'When you are married, you imagine that life must be more exciting single.

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