Nairobi live sex show

They then leave the men in the house and proceed to the parking bay, where they unlock the corresponding cars and get in.

He is said to travel twice a month to a vast farm in Subukia, Rift Valley — and his travels have nothing to do with his love for farming.

Then there is an exclusive ‘club’ of six couples, whose haunt is an apartment in Kileleshwa. Although he says there is nothing wrong with that, he, like the others we talked to, does not want to be identified by name.

A member reveals that they take turns in paying the monthly Sh40,000 rent for the apartment. Some of those involved in the practice claim that besides the fun, it boosts their sex lives and helps them to network for business and career opportunities.

The farm is owned by a former chief executive of a blue chip company, but it is his son who runs it.

The Nairobian was able to infiltrate four of the reportedly numerous swapping clubs in the capital.

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